Australia is home to a whole host of forward-thinking sustainability associations, groups, not-for-profits, and organisations, with several based right here in the Byron Shire. Here’s a round-up of active local, national, and international sustainability initiatives. You can also download a one-page overview here.


Companies that are Certified B by BCorp work to balance purpose and profit. Under the certification, they are legally required to assess the broader impact of their decision making and how it impacts employees, customers, communities, and the environment. Certified B companies are helping drive the trend of people using business as a force for good.

Butt Free Byron

The ‘Butt Free Byron’ campaign was created by the Byron Shire Council in partnership with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). The initiative was based on the EPA’s four pillars of litter reduction and has seen several new enviropoles installed across the Byron Shire.


Run by a volunteer group of everyday Australians, Coastcare identifies coastal environmental problems and works with local businesses, governments, and interest groups to devise and execute practical solutions.


Community-Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby (COREM) is a not-for-profit association founded in 2015 that aims to transition the Byron Shire to 100% renewable energy. Using community ownership models, the volunteers’ work has inspired other towns and regions across Australia.


Headquartered in Brisbane, EarthCheck is an international tourism advisory group and the world’s leading environmental certification and benchmarking program for the travel and tourism industry.


Landcare is a grassroots movement committed to managing environmental issues in communities and environments across the country. With the financial and in-kind support of federal and state governments, corporate sponsors, and private donors, Landcare has delivered community, school, and business programs for 30 years.

Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste is a government-run initiative that helps both households and companies cut food waste and save on grocery bills. Their ‘Your Business is Food Program’ has helped businesses across New South Wales reduce their food waste by 21%.

Make the Switch

A part of the Plastic Free Byron movement, Make the Switch is a government-funded initiative to reduce single-use plastic in the hospitality industry. Their goal is to find alternatives to plastics that meet businesses’ needs while minimising both expenses and waste.

Plastic Free Byron

Plastic Free Byron was formed in 2016 to help reduce plastic pollution in Byron Bay and surrounding regions. The association consists of individuals, businesses, and organisations looking to educate and encourage others to minimise their consumption of single-use plastic.

Positive Change for Marine Life

The people behind Positive Change for Marine Life focus on creating and executing sustainable marine ecosystem conservation strategies in areas affected by pollution, over-fishing, lack of infrastructure, and poor decision-making. They work with communities to deliver long-term solutions that benefit the ocean and the economies that rely on it.


Soilcare is an organisation of producers, soil experts, and students working toward creating and maintaining optimal soil health and function across the country.

Sustainability Advantage

The Sustainability Advantage program was created to help businesses in New South Wales gain a competitive edge and boost profits by improving their environmental practices.

Take 3 for the Sea

Take 3 for the Sea is a responsible travel campaign that aims to educate tourism operators and visitors on how to keep beaches, waterways, and other natural places free from harmful plastic pollution. To learn more about Take 3 for the Sea, contact Russell Mills from Surfer Rosa Communications at or 044 888 5453.

Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions is a group working toward achieving a zero-emission Byron Shire by 2040. Zero Emissions is educating the community on climate-friendly practices and encouraging them to put this knowledge into action.