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The Northern Rivers NSW Brand

An invitation to the world – to visit, to invest, to share Almost a year ago demographer Bernard Salt encouraged the communities of the Northern Rivers to pursue a big and outrageously ambitious agenda for the future of our region. A collaborative partnership of regional businesses, industry bodies and government representatives took up the challenge and this week the Northern Rivers NSW Brand has been unveiled at the Ballina BP Travel Centre, arguably a gateway to the region. “We all [...]

Letter from the President: April 2020

The market capitalisation declines induced by COVID-19 in the ‘Air & Travel’ and ‘Commercial Aerospace’ sectors have been profound. Source: McKinsey & Co. ‘COVID-19: Briefing materials. Global health and crisis response’ dated April 4th 2020 About one month ago, my personal ‘worst-case scenario’ outlook would have seen Australian hotel occupancies dropping by around 80% (to around 5-10% occ), for a period of about 3 months, with a slow recovery thereafter. This scenario would likely see 80% or [...]

Draft Sustainable Visitation Strategy Report

The vision for Byron Shire’s Sustainable Visitation Strategy 2020-2030 is: “Byron Shire welcomes visitors and supports a visitor economy that cares for and respects our residents, creates low-impact visitor experiences, protects our natural environment, celebrates our cultural diversity and shares our social values." A draft report that went to Council recently details the Sustainable Visitation Strategy for Byron Bay, the first of its kind in Australia. It is written in line with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s criteria for [...]

US outlook for 2020: Coronavirus and the risk to hotels

The impact of the COVID-19 spread in recent weeks has been negative for nearly all hotel operators in the US. This report details how the hotel market recovered from past major shocks, such as 9/11 and the SARS outbreak. The report gives Byron hoteliers a bit of insight as to how deep and how long this storm may last. Different country, but much of it applies to Australia. You can download the presentation here.

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