Destination Byron’s major focus areas over the coming months are to deliver a world-class event series for members in 2019, improve the quality and frequency of news to members, and engage sponsors to fund these efforts. The committee started the year with a rebranding exercise which will be visible across all touchpoint over the coming months.

For those interested in the 2019 event series, a summary can be found on The hallmark event this year will be the ‘Ballina Byron Gateway Airport Annual Tourism Symposium’. It will be held on the 7th June 2019 at Elements of Byron. This year’s symposium will focus on ‘maximising the visitor economy value’ – a broad topic, with many fascinating tributaries.

A new look monthly member email update has commenced which we believe members will enjoy reading. It is full of news and stories that are relevant to anyone with an interest in the visitor economy. To receive the monthly email newsletter and become a member, go to the website and subscribe. Membership in 2019 is free – thanks to our amazing sponsors.

On the topic of sponsors, most of the partnership revenue generated in the coming year will be allocated to events, research, and a number of small but meaningful industry-based projects aimed to benefit and strengthen our destination as a whole. Our sponsorship drive has begun and we have the great pleasure to announce the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport has come on board as our major sponsor. Their very generous contribution to Destination Byron and the greater visitor economy will allow members to attend most events throughout the year for free or at cost so please do sign up for the free membership. Destination Byron solely relies on partnership funding and has no financial support from government.

We face a number of headwinds across multiple facets of our industry, including disruption, new policy, levies, compliance, and market forces, many of which are out of our control. We are fortunate to work and live in this region and we are all passionate about delivering a world-class experience to our visitors, guests and customers, whilst ensuring our industry is sustainable and meet’s its social and environmental obligations.

The skills-based volunteer board of Destination Byron greatly appreciate the opportunity to support the industry here in Byron Bay. We hope to continue working together to strengthen and grow the industry for the benefit of all.