About Barrio

Barrio meaning “neighbourhood” in Spanish is designed to feel like a home from home, bringing together the local community in a relaxed environment for all-day dining.

Barrio takes its influence from the wood-fired oven and charcoal grill, a great culinary tradition that enhances flavour and respects the virtues of the product. Experimenting with bright colours and bold flavour, this is both nose to tail and root to stem dining for a conscious eating experience. Francisco Smoje’s cooking is authentic without clinging to convention – working with traditions, but also bringing a new palate of flavour to the Byron Bay dining scene. The weekly changing menu is full of harmonious contradictions: it’s vibrant and bold yet familiar and comforting; it’s beautiful to look at yet close to its original form.

About Habitat

Habitat is the first development of its kind in Byron Bay, purpose-built to accommodate a variety of commercial uses across six articulated buildings along with a residential component, including Commercial Terraces and Warehouse Lofts. For decades, Byron has been a place where people moved to re-calibrate their lives and strike the perfect work/life balance. Around here, the community has long understood that to get the most from life you need to love where you live, have an inspiring environment to work in and also connect with the people around you. Based on this simple philosophy, Habitat is a state-of-the-art development with ambitions of not only continuing this local way of life, but also progressing it through contemporary architectural vision, cutting-edge telecommunications and thoughtful planning.