The Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce are entering 2018 with a view to assisting their thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem to mature and develop the kind of best-practice business incubation standards and support structure which will allow them to build, as a region, upon the huge momentum Byron already has and to set us up for a sustainable future, full of potential for our community to make the most of the new economy.

The Chamber are also focussed upon partnering with their other key regional stakeholders to build upon our growing reputation as a destination for innovation, creative entrepreneurship and the progressive, solutions-based, out-of-the-box thinking which makes them unique.

Amongst all of this activity, they certainly will not be overlooking their businesses who have been the foundations of our local economy for many years and in fact are developing initiatives to assist these stalwarts of our community to meet the eCommerce age head on.

It is also very much on their radar that 60% of businesses in our region are sole traders, operating out of home offices and as we ourselves know firsthand, this can at times feel quite isolating and challenging to be across all aspects of the business.  The Chamber want to reach out to these members of our business community to say ‘we get it’ and to invite them into the fold, so we can all work on it, together.