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Letter from the President: September 2019

Why do Byron’s hotels experience underwhelming occupancy levels when visitor numbers are close to all-time highs? This isn’t about the annual ‘day-visitor’ numbers to the Byron shire which hit a record 1.1 million visitors last year – that research can be found on Destination Byron’s website. It’s about the other 50% of visitors to our shire, those that stay ‘overnight’. Their numbers also hit a near record last year of approximately 1.1 million visitors. Recently acquired benchmarking data indicates [...]

Paving the way for eco-tourism in Tasmania and beyond

Robert Pennicott is a pioneer of eco-tourism. His tour businesses, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, paved the way for sustainability best practices in the industry and helped put Tasmania on the world stage. Earlier this year, Destination Byron welcomed Robert as the 2019 Tourism Symposium’s keynote speaker. Speaking off the cuff, he delivered several key insights that boiled down to one fundamental truth – sustainability cannot just be a word. Keynote speaker Robert Pennicott, Managing Director of Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, at [...]

Is tourism taking over the world?

The number of travellers visiting international destination has grown exponentially since the mid-20th century, with numbers now totalling 1.4 billion. Europe has taken the biggest share, but the Asia-Pacific region is hot on its heels. What’s driving international tourist arrivals? Several factors are driving this increase in international tourist arrivals: Disposable income growth around the world People are living longer People are having fewer children, giving them more time and resources The world has generally become peaceful, meaning areas that [...]

Letter from the President: August 2019

How compatible is Byron Bay with the emerging ‘everything now’ society? Do you remember how your childhood summer holidays seemed to go on ‘forever’? They’ve become a fond reference point for many as to how much slower time used to feel. In business circles at least, there seems to be an overwhelming sense that time is speeding up. Instinct puts it down to heavy use of digital technology. Alternative explanations point to a rising Schumann Resonance (the pulse of [...]

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dates of significance

Below is a collection of significant dates and celebrations that acknowledge the histories, cultures, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 26 January: Survival Day On Survival (Australia) Day, the National Australia Day Council (NADC) recognises the unique status of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and commit to the reconciliation journey. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities gather and reflect on history and culture. 13 February: National Apology Anniversary This day marks the anniversary of [...]

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