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The invisible burden of tourism

The growth of tourism in the last two decades has led to extensive damage in destinations across the globe, an effect that is mostly unreported and rarely recognised by tourists. The following report seeks out ways industry players can collaborate so that destinations in need of skills, leadership, and other resources can access these. The goal is to address this ‘invisible burden’ and enable tourism to benefit all – visitors and residents alike. Read the full report here.

Letter from the President: April 2019

Last year Destination Byron decided to invite a ‘futurist’ to present at our Annual Tourism Symposium to ‘spice things up a bit’. As it turns out, futurist are really expensive… think $5-$15k for a one hour presentation. Being a tiny not for profit, we opted to have a go at it ourselves. At first it was a daunting and somewhat overwhelming process. Then the realisation kicked in… you can’t hold a futurist accountable for the accuracy of their forecast until [...]

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